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“When dreams begin to fade, when life turns to grey, when days become routine, and our lies become our way. There comes the day to change and realize humans were never made to stay the same.”

The mind is our survival, our basic guide to staying alive and doesn’t necessarily allow change without a fight. The mind prefers the world to be black and white and the more it can hide us, the better. It avoids opportunities, truth, and love at all costs because each of these things brings great levels of humility. Though growth is good, it does not guarantee safety, hence the mind's response to stay away from it.

The soul's true purpose is to move past the stagnant desires of the survival mind. It will repeatedly remind the body why it is here and how to come back. When we begin to think bigger after years of thinking small, it will seem like a glimpse into a new and colorful way of being. 

11" x 14"

Watercolor Painting

Concept Art

Available as a print.

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