Caroline Zina


Ever since I can remember it has been my lifelong dream to be an artist. Before I could read or even string a coherent sentence together, I was often found skimming through pages of books to get to the illustrations between the words. I was inspired by countless artists to become an illustrator. I was especially inspired by the illustrations in Lemony Snicket's "The Series of Unfortunate Events," as well as the artwork by the whimsical Mary Engelbreit. Aside from books, anime and cartoons played a big role in more of my inspiration as well, especially that of award winner Hayao Miyazaki.

I first started my freelance career at the age of 17, where I worked on my first ever project based on the site The book was never published, but I still have the illustrations that remind me where I started. Ever since my first project, I have continued to illustrate for many talented writers.

As my dream continues to come true and I get the chance to work with countless authors and collaborators, I fall more in love with my job every day. The work I do is more than fulfilling, it is something that brings a sense of wonder and joy into my life. I hope that this joy and fulfillment is what comes through in the artwork more than anything else.

I am open for the next adventure in illustrating...and hopefully, if you are an author reading this, you are too.


I am a freelance illustrator with several years of experience and many books published that I was fortunate to illustrate for. I have illustrated with both independent authors, book publishers, as well as seasoned and new upcoming authors.

I love bringing a story to life through the illustrations I create. My goal is to keep open communication between me and the authors I work with, so that the illustrations can help tell the story better.

I strive to keep a sense of professionalism in my work and constant, affective communication.

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If you are interested in working with me, please contact me through my email and we can discuss scheduling, rates and anything you are curious about.

I hope to hear from you soon!

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I believe life is an adventure and when we are curious enough to trust ourselves, great things can become of us.

If only we try.

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